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Each year we have a wonderful group of players, athletes and entertainers giving of their time to help us raise funds for CF.

The organizing committee wishes to thank everyone for their support in helping us reach our goal of raising funds for the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Whether you are a sponsor, supporter, volunteer, celebrity or golfer, this day would not be a success without you.

2018 - Matt Gaudet, Paul Nurse, Terry Baker, Jonathan Schrader, Jeff Pond, Michel Saad
2017 - Sidney Crosby, Ed Keohane, Scott Leverman, Jerome Sampson,Greg Payne, John Greer
2016 - Rick Bowness, Ben Pryde, George Waye, Fred Smithers, John Gillis, Ken Wilson
2015 - Darryll Auffrey, Kevin Sanford, Kelly Powell, Peter Emmett, Kevin Yuill, Harry Fitzgerald
2014 - Dana Simonsen, Ben Pryde, Phil Gaunce, Kevin Latimer, Pat Birmingham, Rebecca Johnston
2013 - Jake Allen, Mark Boudreau, Gerry Boudreau, Paul Pettigrew, Tyler Boudreau, Nicole Billard
2012 - Chris Madill, Jim Higgins, Alan Mitchell, Brad Burrell, Robert Stoddard, Brad McCaughan
2011 - Peter Emmett, Don McPhee , Ray Wagner, Louis Boileau, Craig Valiquette, Jon Waye
2010 - Michael Cook, Terry Lawrence, Darrell Taylor, Mark Boudreau, George Waye, Lee Stafford
2009 - Jonathan Waye, Matt Minglewood, Dr. Dan Reid, James Farquhar, George Waye, Nathan Kroll
2008 - Greg Jeans, Jerome Sampson, George McLellan,Philip Giffard,Wayne Sumarah, Todd Brown
2007 - Kevin Quigley, Ken Myers, Jack Yablon, Rick Morris, Andrew Miller, Matt Gaudet
2006 Dr. David Alexander, Darrell Kline, Derek Cramm, Jack Dehmel, Karen Mader, Bob Smye
2005 Darrin MacLean, Terry J Keyes, Shawn Keyes, Eric MacNearney, Fred Mack, Dr. Dan Reid
2004 Bruce Reardon, Dave Archibald, Murray Ritch, Scott Campbell, Brian Tomie, Alan Greene
2003 Doug Newsom, Tim MacDonald, Grant Black, Mike Cooke, Cam Russell, Clyde Paul
2002 Stan Humphries, Eric MacNearney, Paul Penney, John Emmett, George Diamond, Roger Larocque
2001 John Gwynne-Timothy, Sandy Archibald, Hunter Stentaford, Brian MacLellan, Shane Ross, Mark Alexander
2000 - John Emmett, Len Wilson, Trevor Steinberg, Jonathon Waye, Michael Reardon and Phil Gaunce


The Rob Thompson Award was instituted to remember a young man who was synonymous with this tournament, and in fact, with cystic fibrosis. Rob was involved in this tournament from day one, as he and his sister Jane were the inspiration for its start by his parents Ian and Donna. As a boy Rob caddied for Red Storey and as a adult participated as a player. Rob lived a courageous and full life, made fine marks in school, played sports, graduated from University and had a wealth of friends. Rob had just started a career with the Chronicle Herald in the sports department when at 23 he lost his fight to CF in 1998. Since that time the organizing committee has presented the Rob Thompson Award each year to an individual or family who have made a significant contribution to the tournament and to the efforts to beat Cystic Fibrosis.

The following is a list of past Rob Thompson Award recipients:
2018 - Bob Mussett
2017 -Murray Wilson
2016 - Beth MacMullin
2015 - Chuck McKinnon
2014 - Barrie Woodworth
2013 - Jerome Sampson
2012 - The staff of Ashburn
2011 - Mike McPhee
2010 - Bob Cole
2009 - Shared by all past 'Gallivan' Chairs:
Bruce Reardon
Terry Lawrence
Bob Stoddard
Wayne MacDonald
George Waye
Don Reid
Ian Thompson
Terry Keyes
Hunter Stentaford
Craig Moore
Bruce Towler
Martin McNeil
Kevin Quigley
Ed Beazley
Mark Alexander
Sasha Irving
Jack Dehmel
Mike McMurray
2008 - Wayne MacDonlad, Bruce Reardon
2007 - Ed Beazley, Kevin Quigley
2006 - Laurie Graham, Liisa Savijarvi and Karen Stemmle
2005 - Terry Donahoe
2004 George Waye
2003 - Cal Benoit
2002 Joel Jacobson
2001 The Gallivan Family
2000 Craig Moore
1999 Allan Barnett
1998 Red Storey